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Common Pinterest Mistakes Pinterest is a trendy platform. People from all over the world are

Most Common Pinterest Mistakes You Should Avoid Right Away

Common Pinterest Mistakes

Pinterest is a trendy platform. People from all over the world are using this platform broadly. Besides, professional social media marketers like Cyberspark Global use excellent techniques to post on Pinterest. They are getting promising results. So, today, we will discuss some common Pinterest mistakes you should know. 

Pinterest is a famous digital board. Also, like other social media platforms, people love Pinterest. They share whatever they love, see, and think all day long. Besides, they love to spend time here to see how others feel about it. 

Common Pinterest Mistakes

You can find recipes, fun jokes, fashion trends, etc. Not only these but also this platform is used for business promotion. Many brand promotional experts are using Pinterest as their tool. However, it would help if you used it correctly to get benefits. Therefore, instead of thinking hard about tricks, why not start with risks? In this way, you will have a solid planning without any trouble. Let’s start:

Unoptimized Content Strategy

This is a widespread mistake. Most of the users post but need to research more. Thus, their content needs to be optimized. Besides, before posting an image or shorts, you need to put a touch of the trend in that. These are necessary for your content to get enough attention. This is also very harmful if you are promoting business.

Are you familiar with the topic “SEO”? Yes, this is the Search Engine Optimization strategy we are talking about. Unlike websites, you only have a few things to do for SEO. SEO works like a treasure map for Pinterest. Targeting a keyword (a word or phrase people search for) helps the algorithm find your post. Also, add keywords to the title and description as well. People will see the title and informative description; thus, you will find the audience.

Inconsistency in Pin Posting

common mistake

Think of it as you are a user. So, you follow one profile that only pins posts occasionally. The pins are not oriented. As a result, you will get bored. Also, you will unfollow that account at some point because your queries still need to be answered. So, avoid this common Pinterest mistake. If you want to gather audiences, you have to be on top of your game. Schedule your posts regularly. Try to post pins in a particular order. For example, if you post about Facebook marketing tips, share something about content creation the next day. They will be in order but not similar to each other. But, of course, do not repeat content. Schedule your post and plan it for an entire month. Thus, you will only post similar pins once. Also, your profile will be in order. 

Not Paying Enough Attention

As a  professional digital marketer, you need to keep an eye on your progress. Most of the time, we do not check whether the audience is still there. Sometimes, your plan might need to be revised. Then, it would be best if you changed the strategy. Think of Pinterest Analytics as a magical crystal ball showing what’s happening on your boards. It would be best if you looked into this crystal ball to get important information about your pins and what people like. Solution: Check your Pinterest Analytics regularly to see which pins are popular. You can find out where your followers are from and what they enjoy. This helps you understand what kind of pins they like so you can create more of them and improve your Pinterest experience. So, avoid this lack of attention as a common Pinterest mistake.

Overlooking the Power of Story Pins

This means not taking full advantage of a creative and engaging feature on Pinterest. Story Pins are like visual narratives that allow you to share step-by-step guides, tutorials, or captivating stories with your audience. By neglecting to use Story Pins, you miss an opportunity to connect with your audience in an interactive and immersive way, limiting your ability to stand out on the platform and capture the attention of Pinterest users who enjoy visually rich and informative content. Incorporating Story Pins into your Pinterest strategy can help boost engagement, increase brand visibility, and provide a unique storytelling experience for your followers. Again,  avoid this lack of attention as a common Pinterest mistake.

content story

Mistake Explanation

Another common Pinterest mistake is a need for explanation. When businesses solely focus on their boards and don’t participate in or create group boards related to their niche or industry. They miss out on opportunities to connect with other Pinners, tap into broader audiences, and drive more engagement. Actively seek out and join relevant group boards or even create your own. Collaborating with others allows you to share your content with a more comprehensive and potentially more interested audience, increasing the chances of attracting new followers, customers, and partners. It’s a unique way to leverage the community aspect of Pinterest for business growth.

Horizontal, Suare, or too Small Pins

The popular pin ratio is 2:3 and 1,000 by 1,500 pixels. This is a referring size. But sometimes, we need to remember to follow this measure. Despite the proper format, you might focus on the quantity of pins. This is a common Pinterest mistake. Therefore, check your every post. In fact, go through each account and check the image quality. Besides, people prefer to avoid hazy videos or images. You can use the Canva tool. This tool can help you make an HD-quality pin. Also, these pins are often seen shared most. Besides, use fonts and graphics work. Overall, spend some time on pin creation. 


Pinterest is a fantastic place to explore and share your interests. By avoiding these common mistakes and using simple strategies like using the right words, pinning consistently, and keeping an eye on your Analytics, you can make Pinterest an even more enjoyable part of your online journey. So, start pinning, have fun, and make your Pinterest adventure delightful!

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