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Unbeatable Web Design Trends for the Up-Coming Year

How many times do you ask Google in day-to-day life? Uncountable right? Now, think again: how many times do you need a website for queries? Guess you get where it’s going! Yes, we all depend on websites. From business to individual use, there is no alternative to web pages. So undoubtedly, the web design future is secured because of the increasing demand. 

You will be surprised to know that until July 2023, there were 5.19 billion internet users worldwide. Can you believe it? In addition, the web design future is secure because 75% of website credibility has come from its engaging design. Also, professional web designers are following trends and mixing them with artificial intelligence. As a result, they are creating fast, user-friendly, professional websites. Now, tell me, are you still having doubts about the future of web design? 

Web Design Future is Secured

2023 has come to its end, and so it is time to buckle up! Speed up and catch the coming trends. But to match the speed, we need to know trends. In this blog, we are going to discuss the web design future and the trends of 2024. However, the web designing strategy has turned upside down in the last five years. There have been a lot of changes. But the most important and constant input in the designs is described below. Web design is also important in developing IT strategy for business value

Artificial Intelligence Entry

AI is taking over different plugins. In web development and designing, the sky is the limit. You can add new features every year. In fact, a static website can turn into a professional and well-featured website. Besides, chatbot has become an essential part of the website in the last few years. When you add a chatbot, the website interacts with the visitor. Also, this feature is very helpful if it’s an e-commerce site. Mainly because with AI, your website can answer any queries about the service. Besides, AI tools have a lot of amazing features that will ease web design. Sounds catchy, isn’t that?

Artificial Intelligent

Voice Search Upgrade

There was a time when users typed to search on Google! Yeah, I said that! In 2023, it is very typical to search using voice. The voice assistant has gained recognition for all platforms. In fact, 2024 will push it to its highest use. This style is popular because it’s easy to use and also shows promising results. Besides, experts are putting voice search strategies in content for the website. So, voice search is undoubtedly a natural interaction process that can hold your visitor longer than in the past. Therefore, we are confident in the future of voice assistant and web design future in 2024.

Augmented Reality in 2024

Can you imagine beyond reality? If not, start making up your mind! 2024 will be all about AR. In fact, web design in 2024 will be more attractive with the use of new technologies. Ultimately, AR can take virtual reality to the next level. So, to keep up the speed, you certainly need to update your skills. There are professional UX/UI designers with updated knowledge and expertise. Also, follow how they advertise web development services by mentioning skills. These steps will help you increase your knowledge in the real world. 

Web Design Future

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly System

Sustainability is the new motto! The greenhouse effect has opened our minds. Besides, the environment is constantly changing, and the effects are unbearable. Therefore, people are leaning towards environmental safety. Similarly, the whole world is concerned about the carbon footprint of websites. 

The carbon footprint of websites is a genuine thing. There are thousands of websites running every minute. Therefore, a massive amount of carbon dioxide has been generated because of the vast use of the internet. The reason is running servers, data centers, and many devices to run websites. Now, all these things run with fuel that comes from burned fossils. Burned fossils are the main source of released carbon dioxide into the air. 

However, this problem is solvable. If you minimize code size, balance large files, and figure out sustainable web hosting. Besides, visitors will think of you differently if you share an environmental theme. Also, add a message to your webpage. You can promote or create a motto that can save the environment. These steps are going to be a trend for 2024.  

Web Design Future

Interactive Web Designs Future

Website visitors are your target, right? Then, first, think of yourself as a visitor! What are the main reasons that will hold you on the site? The webpage has to be interactive. That means you will need activity to stay on the webpage. 

However, this is my point! If you create a website, add some engaging factors to hold the visitor on the site. For example, add gamification. You can add a 3D video explaining the webpage’s purpose. However, overloading your page with videos is not a good idea. But a few informative videos can be very helpful. In addition, use a chatbot to create an interaction. 

On the other hand, there is another way to interact with the visitors. You can tell your story through the design and theme. Besides, add images that imply a vital message. Sometimes, people feel connected to the message you share. Thus, they become loyal to you.

Last but not Least

Always start with a minor plan! Before jumping into the big ideas, try to apply simple trends to your website. Start with trendy fonts and photos. These two key elements have public attention. Especially when you use photos, they interact with the visitors. Also, they can explain your purpose and ideas better than a few lines you have published. So, keep an eye on the details first. 

In 2024, the web design future is going to the next level. People lean towards new. When you can create something new, you surely will get enough traffic. Besides, a new concept is tempting when you mix it with technology. The more you follow professional IT solution providers, the more you will get ideas.