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Runa Moni

We have almost 5+ years of experience helping with consulting services and IT business solutions.

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IT Business Solutions Company

Runa Moni, co-founder of “Cyberspark Global,” a foremost IT business solutions and Services Provider and consulting firm that aids in digital marketing, SEO, web development, and digital agency services.

As a top-rated freelancer on, Runa has completed 50+ projects in digital marketing and promotion, social media management, Data Entry, List building, Data Scraping, And Lead generation. As a result, She has earned a reputation as reliable, efficient, and Innovative. As a consultant for large and small businesses, she specializes in finding solutions that meet their needs perfectly and overreach expectations.

Runa’s crypto and NFT project expertise expands all over the crypto world. Her strategy to crypto Tokens, Wallets, Broker houses, and Exchangers. Many see NFT project promotion, social media grinding, Creating hype about projects, and influencer outreach as proficient and innovative. You will get the top-notch IT business solutions. 

Overall, Runa Moni is a dynamic, forward-thinking successful with a proven track record of delivering innovative and effective solutions. She has created successful digital marketing campaigns for both small businesses and large corporations.

Her expertise in cryptocurrency and NFT project promotion makes her a valuable asset to those organizations looking to grow their online existence and generate revenue by increasing brand worth and transformation rates.

Social Media Marketing 93%
Social Media Management 95%
NFT And Crypto Promotion 90%
SEO 85%