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Farid Ahmed

We have almost 5+ years of experience in running IT services and consulting firm with business solutions.

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IT Services and Consulting Firm

Farid Ahmed is the CEO of Cyberspark Global, a leading IT services and consulting firm that provides a range of digital marketing, SEO, web development, and digital agency service.
With over 5 of experience in the industry, Farid is a highly skilled and experienced digital marketing expert, social media management specialist, and SEO guru.

As a top-rated freelancer on, Farid has completed more than 40 projects. The results exceeded his client’s expectations. He has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient consultant who provides customized solutions to meet specific business needs. Farid’s skills in B2B lead generation, data entry, list Building, Data Scraping, data research, web design, web development, marketing consultancy, market analysis, and marketing strategy are highly sought-after.

Farid’s expertise extends to cryptocurrency and NFT project promotion. He is highly skilled in utilizing social media, influencer marketing, and other digital marketing strategies to increase the visibility and marketability of cryptocurrency and NFT projects. Farid has been involved in multiple successful crypto and NFT projects. In short, he runs the IT services and consulting firm in the most promising way.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, He is actively involved in various charitable causes that support education programs for disadvantaged youth. He is a dreamer in education to transform lives.
Farid is also a highly sought-after speaker. He was invited to speak to numerous conferences and events About digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility.
Farid is Dreamer in the power of innovation, and he encourages others to embrace new ideas and approaches.

Overall, Farid Ahmed is a dynamic, forward-thinking entrepreneur with a proven track record of delivering innovative and effective solutions. His commitment and expertise in digital marketing, cryptocurrency, and NFT project promotion, make him a valuable asset to any organization looking to grow its online presence and generate revenue.

Skills And Ability‚Äč
Digital Marketing 95%
Cryptocurrency and NFT Promotion 95%
B2B Lead Generation and Data Research 96%
Marketing Consultancy and Entrepreneurship 90%
Web Design and Development 85%